DAPCEL, Inc. is a research biotechnology company focused on the development of strategies for optimization of enhanced protein production in any desired host organism. To this end DAPCEL, Inc. utilizes unique approach for gene redesign. The approach takes into account the importance of rare codons and overall kinetics of protein translation guided by synonymous codon usage for protein folding and results in high yields of correctly folded soluble proteins.

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DAPCEL™ Products

  • DAPCEL™ Proteins DAPCEL™ Proteins

    Recombinant proteins manufactured at DAPCEL, Inc outperform many other commercially available protein products ...

  • DAPCEL™ CELL lines DAPCEL™ CELL lines

    DAPCEL, Inc cell lines are intended for use by researchers investigating the molecular mechanisms of various normal and disease processes ...

  • DAPCEL™ Antibodies DAPCEL™ Antibodies

    DAPCEL, Inc antibodies are comming soon ...

DAPCEL™ Services

DAPCEL Inc. offers the following Services to boost your Research

Customer Reviews

  • "The optimization strategies used by DAPCEL allowed us to obtain expression of 270 kDa recombinant protein in E. coli at substantial levels, the result that we could not achieve before. We really appreciated their efforts and highly recommend them."

    Drs. L. Ryabova and M. Schepetilnikov, Institut de Biologue Moleculaire des Plantes (IBMP), Strasbourg, FRANCE
  • "The optimization approach used by DAPCEL provided us with very high levels of recombinant protein expression - we really appreciated their excellent work and strongly recommend them."

    Drs. Chenhui Wang and Xiaoxia Li, Cleveland Clinic, Lerner Research Institute.
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