"We have recently used DAPCEL services to optimize expression of mammalian protein in E. coli, a procedure that has repeatedly failed in our hands. The company delivered superb results in a very timely manner. Moreover, they continued providing us with advice down the road. The personnel was very knowledgeable and friendly. Overall, we are very satisfied with our experience with DAPCEL."

Dr. Mikhail A. Nikiforov, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY

"DAPCEL, Inc. gene redesign technology helped us to achieve unprecedentedly high levels of recombinant protein expression, the result that we could not achieve with any other company we have addressed previously."

Dr. Vincent Tuohy, Cleveland Clinic, Lerner Research Institute.

"We recently used DAPCEL, Inc. optimization strategy for expression of 6 heterologous proteins (of various origins) in E. coli. For years, we had tried various standard approaches, all of which failed to express these proteins in sufficient amounts and in their soluble forms. But after gene sequences were optimized by DAPCEL, Inc, we were able to achieve high yields of soluble proteins expressed in E. coli. Four out of six optimized proteins showed nearly 100% solubility. We are extremely satisfied with the gene optimization services provided by DAPCEL, Inc."

Dr. Sailen Barik, University of South Alabama, College of Medicine.

"Codon optimization strategy offered by DAPCEL, Inc. allowed us to substantially improve the yield and activity of the targeted membrane recombinant proteins expressed in S. cerevisiae. We are very pleased by the outcome of the DAPCEL, Inc. rational gene redesign services."

Dr. Vera Moiseenkova-Bell, Case Western Reserve University, School of Medicine.

"DAPCEL, Inc. is a highly professional biotech company that offers quality biological testing. We have used DAPCEL for confirming biological activity for a number of our cytokine products. Their highly trained staff works with the client in researching and defining the best assay for the product. We rely on DAPCEL's quality bioassays, quick turn around time, and comprehensive reports."

Karen A. Fenimore-Pirog, Quality Assurance Manager, PeproTech, Inc.

"The optimization approach used by DAPCEL provided us with very high levels of recombinant protein expression - we really appreciated their excellent work and strongly recommend them."

Drs. Chenhui Wang and Xiaoxia Li, Cleveland Clinic, Lerner Research Institute.

"The optimization strategies used by DAPCEL allowed us to obtain expression of 270 kDa recombinant protein in E. coli at substantial levels, the result that we could not achieve before. We really appreciated their efforts and highly recommend them."

Drs. L. Ryabova and M. Schepetilnikov, Institut de Biologue Moleculaire des Plantes (IBMP), Strasbourg, FRANCE